Dr. Lindsey's Newsletter #26: Plastic Surgery By Decade 50s: You're Not So Vain

By: Dr. Lindsey Tavakolian


Plastic Surgery by Decade

50s: You’re Not So Vain

Once you have reached your 50s, no matter what your genetic and melanin makeup is, you likely have some features of aging. It is hardly fair to lump everyone in this decade together because there is such a difference between people who have worked hard to take care of themselves, and those that never made a commitment to healthy living. If you are in the “never” box I want to encourage you that it is never too late to start good skincare, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise. If you didn’t have the education and the insight until your 50s, I encourage you to start now! 


It is ever important to have a skincare routine with Vitamin C antioxidant serum, every day SPF protection, and religious retinol use. If you missed the previous newsletters in this series I encourage you to go back and read them to learn more details about skincare regimens.

Must haves

Non-Surgical Procedures

Make microneedling a commitment - every 6 months, or at least yearly in order to keep building the collagen you are losing each decade.

Chemical and/or laser peels will become your best friend to treat superficial skin texture problems that surgery cannot fix. 

Skin Pen

Botox/Dysport/Xeomin should only be administered by a true professional who is trained in facial aging, in your 50s neurotoxin injection strategy changes as the features of your face begin to slide down your face with gravity. Make sure you are in the hands of a well trained injector who will not over promise and over inject features that cannot be helped with a neurotoxin. 

Biohacking with PRP Injections

Men and women often experience hair loss in their 50s and PRP injections can stimulate hair growth. I perform this procedure in the office with your own blood plasma and there is no real downtime! 

The skin of the lower lids is thin and sensitive to everything your body is exposed to including diet, sun exposure, allergens, and hydration status. PRP injections rejuvenate the lower lids by utilizing your own cells to stimulate new collagen growth. 

Filler can be used judiciously to help disguise the features of aging by projecting cheeks that have lost their plump, fill sunken temples, and restore the structure of the chin/jaw that recedes with age.


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