Dr. Lindsey's Newsletter #24: Plastic Surgery By Decade - 30s: Shake It Off

By: Dr. Lindsey Tavakolian


Plastic Surgery by Decade

30s: Shake it Off (but commit to tox)


-Your collagen has now been declining for a decade and it is ever-so-important that you have solidified a skincare routine with a Vitamin C antioxidant serum, every day SPF protection, and religious retinol use (unless TTC or pregnant). 

If you need more details on skincare read our 20s edition from last week!

KK Vampire

Kim Kardashian posted pics at her Microneedling + PRP procedure

Skin Procedures

-Now is the time to get serious about active skin maintenance. It is time to shed that skin that has now accumulated 30 years of sun exposure, sustained all of the poor decisions you made in your 20s, and survived slept-in makeup and dehydration. 

-Make microneedling a commitment - every 6 months, or at least yearly. 

-Talk to your plastic surgeon about chemical and laser peels that target your concerns 

LT Injecting


-This is your chance, this is the decade before it is too late to benefit from the preventative effects of neurotoxins! If you wait until wrinkles are fully formed and they have become static (meaning that they show even when you are not moving your face) then no Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Daxxify will be able to rid you of those wrinkles. If you put off tox in your twenties, or couldn’t make the commitment, it’s time to rid yourself of that commitment phobia and schedule your tox every 4-6 months. The amount of money you will save in products and interventions chasing lines you could have prevented is worth it. I want to help you prevent aging in every way that I can. Not every problem has a solution, so put your time and money where the solutions are reliable not gimmicky. 

LT Operating


-All of the surgeries in the 20s decade are still applicable to you! 30 is the new 20 after all. For women who have delayed childbearing past this decade you really belong in the 20s decade. Congrats and read all about the best procedures for you in our last newsletter!

-For all the moms out there that moved through their childbearing years and are on the other side, this is your mommy makeover era. 

Blake Lively

If you find yourself on a similar timeline as this bombshell and mom icon, 36 year old Blake Lively, then it is probably time for a mommy makeover.

-Breast lift surgery moves the nipple to a higher position and reshapes the breast to a perkier, more youthful appearance. This is one of the most-needed procedures after changes in weight from either child bearing, breast feeding, or just hard work in the gym. And to answer a very common question, this CAN be done with or without an implant. A quick exam will give me all of the information I need to counsel you regarding which option is the best fit for your anatomy and goals. 

-Breast augmentation with a lift is the dynamic duo of breast surgeries. Whether you had a previous breast augmentation or are new to breast implants, this is a great decade to get a new set of implants and lift your breast that has fallen with time.

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